Monday, March 22, 2010

Remembering Italy

Back in 2003 I went on a two week long field trip to Italy...without the love of my life!! What was I thinking??? You DO NOT go to the capital of Romance without your significant other!! Looking back, it would have been soooo easy to just book a flight and worry about the credit card statement later. Now that we are married and have a daughter, and a house, and a dog, we see how truly "easy and breezy" life really was.

So, while in Italy...with mostly strangers...and kicking myself...I decided to focus on all the inspiration around me. Like that was a hard thing to do in Italy! One such inspiration were the beautiful and charming windows that overlook the maze like streets of Venice. I spent most of that following summer painting these windows:

I can't help but wonder who lives on the other side of these windows and whether or not the interior looks as beautiful and charming.

My husband and I have to go back someday... TOGETHER!! And just for ONE DAY could it not be considered weird and invasive to randomly knock on doors and ask these lovely Italians for a tour of their home??? Just for one day!?


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  1. artist's dream...every calle holds perfect vignettes to capture with pigment and brush...sigh