Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Day Sunshine!!

Nelya's fabulous Monday post about ART got me thinking about where I could use some new pieces. Here is a very lonely spot:

Everyday that pillow makes me sing...Good Day Sunshine!! It came home with me last month from Pottery Barn. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a little addicted to Pottery Barn...I might have a problem. I know it's overpriced. I know it's mass produced stuff. I know Phoebe wouldn't approve. But I can't help it! When I'm in love, it's all over!

Check out Nelya's post at: http://completelytotallymadly.blogspot.com
Did I mention it features a piece of MY work?? How awesome is that??

Any Suggestions to cozy up this spot and make it really sing? Post some of your comments. I would love to hear them!

Good Day Sunshine!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Works in Progress

Here are some pieces that are ALMOST complete! I love to take some snapshots as the work progresses!

For Allyson's love of Irises:

For Martha's love of all things Magenta: An Abstract Begonia

Michele's request for a Contemporary take on Grapes:

Couldn't you just eat em up!!

Stay tuned for my finished work!!


Remembering Italy

Back in 2003 I went on a two week long field trip to Italy...without the love of my life!! What was I thinking??? You DO NOT go to the capital of Romance without your significant other!! Looking back, it would have been soooo easy to just book a flight and worry about the credit card statement later. Now that we are married and have a daughter, and a house, and a dog, we see how truly "easy and breezy" life really was.

So, while in Italy...with mostly strangers...and kicking myself...I decided to focus on all the inspiration around me. Like that was a hard thing to do in Italy! One such inspiration were the beautiful and charming windows that overlook the maze like streets of Venice. I spent most of that following summer painting these windows:

I can't help but wonder who lives on the other side of these windows and whether or not the interior looks as beautiful and charming.

My husband and I have to go back someday... TOGETHER!! And just for ONE DAY could it not be considered weird and invasive to randomly knock on doors and ask these lovely Italians for a tour of their home??? Just for one day!?


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Images that Inspire

Here are some photos that will either turn into lovely paintings or be printed and framed very soon! I can't wait to get started on my next piece! Im just waiting for my Arches paper to arrive!! Why is it that I fail to order more paper until the last minute and then leave myself paperless and chalk full of inspiration??! Never fails!

Grandma's Bowl from Sweden

This piece was inspired by Grandma's blue bowl from Sweden. One sunny day last fall while my daughter was napping, I decided to take advantage of my "babyfree" time and the beautiful light that was coming in through the patio door to set up a still life with Grandma's bowl. I was thrilled with how the images turned out and went on to do this 16"x20" watercolor. I hope the vibrant colors will make you feel sunny and delightful!!