Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Day Sunshine!!

Nelya's fabulous Monday post about ART got me thinking about where I could use some new pieces. Here is a very lonely spot:

Everyday that pillow makes me sing...Good Day Sunshine!! It came home with me last month from Pottery Barn. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a little addicted to Pottery Barn...I might have a problem. I know it's overpriced. I know it's mass produced stuff. I know Phoebe wouldn't approve. But I can't help it! When I'm in love, it's all over!

Check out Nelya's post at: http://completelytotallymadly.blogspot.com
Did I mention it features a piece of MY work?? How awesome is that??

Any Suggestions to cozy up this spot and make it really sing? Post some of your comments. I would love to hear them!

Good Day Sunshine!


  1. How about a little side table and a lamp. It'd make it look very inviting, a place to curl up with a mag or book.

  2. It looks like a lovely corner read! You need something bright on the wall behind I'm really loving vintage advertising in modern frames at the moment! :) Hazel

    PS Thank you for popping by my blog!!

  3. Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by my blog via Haven and Home. I don't know a lot about art so I'll be following you.

    BTW, did you catch that new reality show that challenges a variety of artists to create projects? I saw it on Bravo, I think Wednesday night. I really enjoyed it. I guess it's produced by Sarah Jessica Parker.

  4. I'm right there with you with Pottery Barn. My husband and I just bought a new house and I have spent a ridiculous amount of money at PB. Ughhh. ;)

  5. For some unique art, buy a beautiful fabric then stretch and staple it (on the backside) over an old wooden frame... like a canvas. It will add some color, some interest, and some texture!


  6. What a cute little corner! Maybe some kind of fun lighting would cozy it up!


  7. It looks really comfy! Lovely corner. Kellie xx

  8. hello!

    thanks for stopping by my blog, i am so glad you like it!

    i love that cushion :) if we had pottery barn here i would play copy-cat and match it up with some very similar lime green cushions i have :)

    b x.

  9. Lovely & just so nice ' less is more'!


  10. Love that pillow too! Just love it. I'd love to see a small scale floor lamp and two stacked frames above the chair. That'd be pretty!

  11. put a peice of bright artwork up!